Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Right, so, yeah.

I've been dark this week because it's been overall incredibly shitty to the point I can't even explain it. Well, no, it's more that I don't want to explain it, partly because I'm too damn tired from lack of sleep and partly because it's a rather personal matter that isn't really unraveling the way I wanted it to. The other part is that I listened to both the Simon & Garfunkel albums I got a while back, and I have no intention of reviewing either of them because they are classics and my words go without saying: they're awesome.

In short, I'm taking a break this week, and maybe next week too, at least from Songs I'm Obsessed With, since that seems to be rather unpopular anyway. In the meantime, I'll post an old album review of one of my favorites. I hope I have your understanding.

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