Monday, August 29, 2011

On Promiscuity

I'm kind of irritated by all this assumption that gays are all completely promiscuous and anti-monogamous. But what really irritates me is that it seems to be true. So often I come across by-gay-for-gay websites that promote this idea that all its male patrons are bathhouse-going, ultra-horny-always, sexes-everyone people. I suppose it ends up being that way because, well, men will be men, but I guess it makes me mad because it goes against my views. It's kind of hard to concentrate my thoughts into something with structure right now, so I'm sorry if this seems like rambling.

My views on sex are monogamous in nature. I'll only have sex with the one I love. But it seems to piss me off so much that so many other people in my minority group seem to feel otherwise, and I don't know why. That is, I don't know why it pisses me off. I should be accepting that other people have different views on sex, but when I stumbleupon a site with a web comic like this (note the phallus shape next to the logo). Please, no hooking up for me. I just couldn't have a one-time sexual encounter and feel emotionally right afterward. But it seems like all the other gay men I know about are exactly the opposite, like it's some kind of sport, and it disgusts me. But I don't know why.

It seems like I'm in the minority of a minority. If I have a boyfriend, I'm gonna want that boyfriend to be with me and only me. I'm not okay with cheating. I got cheated on once and it would have ended me if not for someone very dear. I don't want to say I'm more sexually mature than others because they would probably argue they are more sexually free than I am.

I guess I should just try to accept that other people have different feelings and opinions, and I should find someone who feels the same way as me. Maybe what makes me angry is that these people are thinking only of sex. But I don't know these people, I don't know that they're really spending every weekend at the bathhouse or the pick up bar. It just gets on my nerves that there are people out there who live for sex, like there's nothing else fun in the world, and for gays, like there's nothing else about being gay except sex, and lots of it. For me, it's the same way with people who drink beer just to get drunk; one, taste does matter (thank you, Miller Lite commercials); two, there are other things in life that are fun, are party-centered, and, get this, DON'T INVOLVE DRINKING! I just don't get it.

So anyway, thank you for reading this poorly-constructed and rambly post. In review: I don't understand why so many people are okay with just having sex with anyone, like it's not special, like it's not something to share with someone you love. At least I gained one thing from this post: I learned how to embed links in text! Yay me!

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