Thursday, August 25, 2011

Well, I SUPPOSE it's legal to post these...

I've been thinking it should be a regular thing to do, as a writer, to post my work to my blog. The questionable legality of the next two posts is due to the fact that they have been published. They might hold the copyrights to the pieces, and they might sue me. But screw it! It's my art. They're mine to do with whatever I want.

These two have both one awards. The short story one third place in a competition, and the essay one second place in a different area of the same competition. The short story is a little silly, but I guess someone liked it enough to give it an award. The essay is much more serious, perhaps a little misguided but still good. Please note that I am not a supporter of Rick Perry. I really just said that to get his attention if he ever read it. He probably won't.

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