Monday, August 15, 2011

Regarding the reviews...

I don't want to make the impression that I will be doing these every day, despite my daily habit of listening to new music. I've recently had a backlog of albums that I've taken a while to get to, and I've been trying to get through them recently. I usually do reviews for the albums I listen to, unless there are odd circumstances, like when I went on vacation recently and I didn't have time to write up whole reviews for albums, or unless I feel I shouldn't review the album for whatever reason, like if too many people like it and, should I have to say something bad about it, I'll get a few nasty comments and emails. Then again, I'm only pretending I have readers, aren't I?

What I want to do is try to have at least one review a week, with more if I want to or less if I have to. Right now I only have seven albums in my backlog: Remain in Light, Electric Ladyland, Good News For People Who Love Bad News, Clouds Taste Metallic, A Thousand Suns, Ready To Die, and Imagine. I might not do Electric Ladyland, simply because it's a timeless classic and it's kind of hard to put my word to it. I also probably won't do Imagine for the same reason. If for whatever reason I can't get at least one new review on the site, I have a backlog of reviews from which I can draw, and I can also review one of the many albums in my collection that I haven't put any words to.

That is all.

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